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I found Emilio Pucci’s Fall RTW collection genius, but more importantly, wearable. We always see designers going above and beyond style to the point where it is unwearable in everyday life. Although, we still appreciate those designs for the artwork that they are, but sometimes it is enlightening to view a collection that is haute couture AND ready to wear straight from the runway.

This is why Emilio Pucci’s collection was such a fascination and inspiration for my closet. We see a pattern of beautiful embellishments on a majority of the pieces. It is so obvious that these embellishments are handcrafted because of the way they move with the model. The boots are thigh high with suede that are already a trend this season and will still be alive and well for next season. The oversized textured fur coats are such a statement, as well as the cape that is a great way to keep your style alive, while staying warm. Can’t forget to mention the animal print pieces that evolve shorts from summer to fall. (tip: simply put on a pair of tights over your shorts for an instant fall trend)

Although, many of us don’t have the luxury of affording these garments, just be patient and keep a close eye out for them to be transformed into ready to wear styles. I will keep you all posted when I start seeing these styles in stores!

emilio-pucci-rtw-fw2013-details-04_17054918881 emilio-pucci-rtw-fw2013-details-13_170556212747 emilio-pucci-rtw-fw2013-details-30_170610202509 emilio-pucci-rtw-fw2013-details-33_170613574858 emilio-pucci-rtw-fw2013-details-73_170645896489photos: vogue

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Outfits That Inspire Me



I’ve learned that less is more when it comes to an everyday sense of style. Some people try to put together all their favorite pieces and somehow tie them together to make a fashion statement. But in reality, the key to style is simplicity. Yesterday I stumbled on this quote, “The average woman spends a year of their life trying to figure out what to wear.” Yes, that seems all so true, but it doesn’t have to be such a daily challenge. We have a lot of the necessities, but trying to put together the final product is the hard part. I decided I would share some inspiring simple fashion outfits to help reduce the morning chaos.


Bold, oversized sweater with simple Converse.


Blush colored, flared trousers paired with a neutral v-neck sweater


tumblr_lwetvnFvw11qcirk4o1_500 tumblr_lxn5crOkk11qcirk4o1_500

This looks look like a stripped skirt, but it could easily be a dress with a sweater on top. (Such an easy and trendy outfit)

Blazer, blouse, rolled up straight legged jeans, and black oxford shoes.

Ripped boyfriend jeans are the new skinny jeans


Polka dots are a very trendy and so easy to find! Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, or American Apparel are just a few stores that are filled with polka dot dresses.


 Ahh, the simple, neutral toned outfit topped off with a fedora.

photos: anoteofdesign

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old school

26524926_039_a 21511.0.browse-moldschoolMy bathing suite collection needs a new update. Not to complain, but I am sick of all the mainstream triangle tops with string bikini bottoms. This year I am finding inspiration in the 1950s.  I want to channel my inner Allie from The Notebook and stroll the beach with class. Besides the perk of this suit having elegance, it is actually very slimming. It hides those unwanted ‘love handles’ and gives off an elongated look and feel. Are you going to rewind time to the 50s or continue on with your triangle bikini that will simply just blend in with the rest?


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Magdalena Frackowiavoguerussia_apr2012_MagdalenaFrackowiak_ClaudiaKnoepfulandStefanIndlekofer_1 voguerussia_apr2012_MagdalenaFrackowiak_ClaudiaKnoepfulandStefanIndlekofer_2 voguerussia_apr2012_MagdalenaFrackowiak_ClaudiaKnoepfulandStefanIndlekofer_3 voguerussia_apr2012_MagdalenaFrackowiak_ClaudiaKnoepfulandStefanIndlekofer_4voguerussia_apr2012_MagdalenaFrackowiak_ClaudiaKnoepfulandStefanIndlekofer_7Vogue Russia touches on beauty, fashion, and vintage. I find the beauty in this ad is far beyond Magdalena, it is the creativity of photography that sets the beauty in stone. It is the use of lighting that creates the illusion of Magdalena being so mysterious and intriguing. When I analyze a fashion spread, I can’t help but look further than the clothing and beautiful model. For me, it is all about how the pictures impact my feelings. I get a sense of mystery and the feel of a flower power child that is straight out of the 70s Woodstock days. But of course…the fashion is where my heart is. 🙂

photos: voguerussia

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tumblr_m33qijCA1f1qlujc9o1_500 Jodie Smith, Lookbook January 2013 tumblr_m31cr4Repb1r1bfbqo1_500 tumblr_m33c345TNv1qb5d33o1_500 Nasty_Gal_Jan_Lookbook1
8421963455_9d4cbc66b1_bEvolve out of fashion and into style. Don’t limit your style to strictly fashion. Find the beauty in photography, food, architecture, art, and culture. Take a leap of faith, dive into the sea of style. Transform your life positively!

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be you.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly fighting to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


photo: littlecucumber

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Headwear Work

Designer: Phillip Treacy

Keep your eyes alert for Phillip Treacy’s book that is being published next month. It is based on her avant-garde millinery work. The book is titled, Head, Wear and Work, and will provide readers information on the backstage and production workshops of the fascinating designer.

grace_jones_london_1998 in_the_studio_1998

Backstage at Paris Fashion Week, 2000cover naomi_campbell_ascot_2002

Naomi Campbell at the Ascot, 2002paris_fashion_week_2000Backstage at Paris Fashion Week, 2000

The book includes over 200 images and 20 studio photos of Treacy’s more iconic work. It tells Treacy’s story from the beginning to where the legend stands today.

photos: glassmag

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